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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2nd Archaeological Film Festival, Cracow 2012

Old Town Market Square, Cracow, Poland

To all Archaeology lovers!
If you happen to be in Poland in late November, you should definitely give it a try and participate in the 2nd International Archaeological Film Festival !
The great archaeological feast will take place in Archaeological Museum in Cracow 
between 29th-30th November 2012.
As the organizers promise, "many best film productions involving archaeology made during last few years all over the world" will be shawn. What is more, it is reported that the showings will be "preceded by lectures given by respected archaeologists".

Sounds interesting? Sure it does!
Click "Read more" to see the details of the invitations below!
To learn more about the FFA: visit the organizers' Facebook profile 
or enter the event's Facebook page by clicking HERE.
So...see you in Cracow?:)

Do wszystkich miłośników archeologii!
Jeśli będziesz pod koniec listopada w Krakowie, to nie możesz przeoczyć 
II edycji Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Archeologicznych 
Impreza odbędzie się w dniach 29.11 i 30.11. 2012 w Muzeum Archeologicznym w Krakowie.
Jak zapewniają organizatorzy, projekcje filmów o tematyce archeologicznej mają być poprzedzone ciekawymi wykładami z tej dziedziny.

Aby dowiedzieć się więcej na ten temat zajrzyj na stronę organizatora FFA na portalu Facebook 
lub bezpośrednio na stronę z zaproszeniem, klikając TUTAJ.
(Poniżej, klikając "Read more", znajdziesz jego tekst)
Spotkamy się w Krakowie?:)

*Poniższy tekst został zaczerpnięty ze strony organizatora FFA na portalu Facebook.
*Source of invitation's text posted below: FFA's page on Facebook.

"Invitation to the 2nd International Archeological Film Festival in Cracow

Two years after the success of the 1st Archeological Film Festival in 2010 in Cracow we organize its second edition. Film displays will take place in November, 29-30-th in Archeological Museum in Cracow.

The second edition of our festival is going to be a little different from the first one. We would like to make it a special event for real connoisseurs of archeology. There will be shown many b
est film productions involving archeology made during last few years all over the world. These are going to be films awarded at dufferent archeological film festivals in France, the USA, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Thanks to our cooperation with foreign institutions in the end of November 2012 scientists and all the people intrested in archeology will be able to see in Archeological Museum in Cracow the newest and most interesting discoveries, as well as some modern research techniques implied in archeological stages of different kinds of terrain. We hope that our festival will again be a celebration of archeology. 

What is worth mentioning is that every single day of our festival is preceded by lectures given by respected archeologists. At the same time employees of the Museum prepare some surprises for viewers and invite to see museum’s exposition at night.

Due to difficulties in obtaining money for cultural enterprises our festival will be shorter this year. However, we hope that high quality of the presented films will satisfy the most demanding viewers. There will be presented films recognized and awarded earlier so it would be problematic to establish a special jury. Consequently,only viewers will evaluate films and choose the best production with their votes. Like two years ago, the award is a figure of Svetovid – a symbol of Archeological Museum in Cracow.

Festival Director dr Hubert Chudzio
Director of MAK dr Jacek Górski"

posted by: K. Żebrowska

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