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Monday, April 14, 2014

Wykład S. Skarmintzosa w IA UW!

(photo: koryvantes.blogspot.gr)

Zakład Archeologii Egejskiej IA UW
Studenckie Koło Naukowe ”Mare Nostrum”

zapraszają na wykład

“Understanding Ancient Warfare
with the aid of 

Living History reconstructions”

który wygłosi

pan Stefanos Skarmintzos

konsultant greckiego Stowarzyszenia Historii Żywej „KORYVANTES
gość specjalny II Studenckiej Konferencji Naukowej Archeologii Egejskiej

Wykład odbędzie się

w Instytucie Archeologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
24 kwietnia 2014 r. (czwartek) 
o godz. 11.30 w sali 2.10

Ramowy plan wykładu 
znajduje się:
-do ściągnięcia TUTAJ.

Serdecznie zapraszamy!

Ramowy plan wykładu

“Understanding Ancient Warfare with the aid of Living History reconstructions”
S. Skarmintzos

-Ancient textual sources give us description of fighting
-Artistic expression of poetry differs from historical narrative
-Museum exhibits give us depictions of fighting and examples of military equipment
-Art and literature rarely, if ever, give us details on methods of fighting or weapons usage
-Based on surviving art and literature theories have been formed - have they ever been tested and how?
-Living history can help
-Re-enactors must focus on historical accuracy and not spectacle and closely work with scholars
-Visual only accuracy of reconstruction can give only a starting point
-Historical accuracy can increase understanding
-The knowledge of re-enactors in using reconstructed historical items, can aid the scholars to simulate and, in some cases, recreate the conditions that existed in the ancient military affairs, and thus new insight can be gained and new knowledge can come forth
-Discussing possibilities for development and ways of overcoming problems
-Living History Association “Koryvantes” focuses on Historical accuracy in the study of Ancient Warfare in the Mediterranean with Greek ways of war being its main object of study
-Visual demonstration of “Koryvantes” reconstructions and presentation of gained insight on the ancient methods of warfare.

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