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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Z TEJ strony można już pobrać 
PROGRAM II Studenckiej Konferencji Naukowej Archeologii Egejskiej!

Więcej informacji na temat Konferencji,
która odbędzie się 25 kwietnia 2014 r. 
w Instytucie Archeologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, 
znajduje się:

 TUTAJ - "The Book of Abstracts"
 TUTAJ - Lista posterów Sesji Posterowej
i TUTAJ - strona SKN MN na Facebooku.


The PROGRAM of The Second Students' Conference in Aegean Archaeology 
can be downloaded from THIS site!

More information about the Conference 
which will take place on April 25, 2014 
at Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw,

can be found:

HERE - "The Book of Abstracts"
 HERE - List of posters for The Poster Session 
and HERE - MN's fanpage on Facebook.



“Methods – Researches – Perspectives”

9.30-9.50 Conference inauguration by Prof. Kazimierz Lewartowski (University of Warsaw)


9.50 -10.10 Bronze Age Aegean Weaving Techniques and Experimental Archeology in the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. Some Remarks on Teaching, Research and Methodology

Agata Ulanowska, PhD; University of Warsaw

10.10-10.30 The Evidence of the use of Composite Bows in the Mycenaean World

Spyros Bakas, BA; Kapodestrian University of Athens, University of Warsaw

10.30 -10.50 Ancient Warrior Reenactment in the Context of Experimental Archaeology, testing theories and attempting to provide answers on the mysteries of Ancient Warfare while popularizing Archeological Science and History

Mr. Stefanos Skarmintzos, Koryvantes

10.50-11.00 Discussion

11.00-11.15 Coffee break


11.15-11.35 Larnax burial in the LMIII period in the Western Mesara region

Angela Marzia Catania, MA; University of Sheffield

11.35-11.55 Write a hand like a foot…, the worship of the Mother Goddess in Crete in the Bronze Age and the Dark Ages

Anna Filipek, BA; University of Warsaw

11.55-12.15 Epiphanies in antiquity: Neopalatial ritual and the cult of Great Gods

Monika Wesołowska, MA; University of Warsaw

12.15-12.35 The influx of amber to circum-Adriatic areas during the Bronze Age. Proposition of interpretative model

Mateusz Cwaliński, MA; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

12.35-13.00 Discussion

13.00-14.00 Lunch Break & Poster Session


14.00-14.20 The dualistic nature of the Landscape and Sicilian tholos type chamber tombs. Approaches and perspectives

Katarzyna Żebrowska, MA; University of Warsaw

14.20-14.40 Landscape Changes in Northern Greece Prehistory. State of Research and Further Perspectives

Jakub Niebieszczański, MA; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

14.40-15.00 Re-discovering Gournia. The latest excavations in a Minoan town

Agnieszka Kaliszewska, MA; Institute of Archeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences

15.00-15.20 Discussion & Coffee break

15.20-15.40 Outskirts of the Mycenaean world: Helike and Achaia in the end of the Bronze Age Kinga Bigoraj, MA; Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Centre, University of Warsaw

15.40-16.00 Geoinformation methods application in Aegean archeology. Verification of written sources

Wojciech Jenerałek; Jakub Niebieszczański, MA; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

16.00-16.20 Show me your house and I’ll tell you who you are. Architecture and a social change in the Aegean Neolithic

Patrycja Danyło; University of Warsaw

16.20-16.40 Discussion and coffee break


16.40-17.00 Aegean frescoes – techniques, methods and reconstructions

Karolina Michałowska, BA; University of Warsaw

17.00-17.20 Human figure in Aegean painting: distinctive features, iconographic types, the canon

Monika Koźlakowska, MA; University of Warsaw

17.20-17.30 Discussion.

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